Reshape your supply chain for a better future
From seed to garment
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Track and trace your raw materials from seed to end product

We empower businesses with a real time, accurate, and cost-effective solution to track their supply chain.

RETEXCYCLE is a digital twin software for complete traceability of textile supply chains

our solution

Our mobile app creates a digital twin database with the material lot's unique information: time stamp and geolocation
The software generates Transaction Certificates at each state of the supply chain.
Close the loop on your textile waste with the app: Trace every clip around the world.
Your data is stored with its digital identity on the blockchain-like system.
A traceable and truthful digital passport at all steps of the textile value chain.
Our technology ensures the validation of authenticity, prevents dilution and eliminates material manipulation.

Why should you trust us?


We trace the whole supply chain from seed to final garment.


Access to accurate information on each step of your supply chain.


We help you adapt your value chain to environmental and textile regulations.

Traceability Platform

RETEXCYCLE guarantees the physical integrity of production lots throughout the value chain.

Who are we?

RETEXCYCLE was born from the constant search initiated by Augusto Bellini S.L; a textile company with over 30 years of experience, to redirect the textile industry towards a more sustainable path.

Environmental commitment and innovation are part of Retexcycle's core values.

We consider creativity and constant reinvention to be key factors in making a positive contribution to the textile industry. For this reason, we attach great importance to research and development (R&D).

our mission

To ensure sustained traceability and ethical sourcing across the textile industry value chain and uphold responsible business practices.

Start tracing your products today!

Augusto Bellini S.L., Sustainable Solutions Since 1984.

Tel: + 34 661 545 210
C/ Viladomat 135, 1º.

08015 Barcelona (España)

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